All About…

…the Author

My name is Jarrod Carlson and I write, edit, code, and publish this website.

I am a web developer, proficient in Ruby on Rails, Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I design and build web sites and services for business and pleasure.

I am a technical engineer and producer of high school sporting events for live and delayed telecasts and webcasts. I design and fabricate medium to micro sized mobile multi-camera production van systems.

I am an aspiring artisan, amateur photographer, and world traveler. For the curious, I graduated from the Terry School of Business at The University of Georgia with a BBA in Information Systems.

…the Site was created as an outlet for the enthusiasm, passion, and ideas I have that don’t make it into my professional work. It’s also a place where I can tinker around with new ideas and concepts, unfettered by deadlines or clients. This site is dedicated to everything I do outside the office – everything I do from 5:00 PM until 9:00 AM.


If you’re interested in hiring me, please contact me at You can also leave a voice mail message at +1 404 358-4221.