Football Season has Ended!

I always say that regular season high school football is the offseason for my company. Football is easy because there’s (usually) only one game per week, and so the schedule is predictable and tolerable.

In contrast, basketball season is all over the place, both chronologically and geographically. There are also a number of other winter sports going on simultaneously that make it difficult to get any time to yourself in the winter and spring months, and summer is no better (but that’s another story).

Well, football season has finally ended, capped by a massive surge of championship football occurring in parallel in Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina. We covered over 20 games in a matter of three days in three states. The entire production process from pre-production, on-site production and now the final stages of post-production have been… exhausting.

Besides wearing me out, the surge of productions has also left me very little time to work on other projects, like Production Hub (soon to become Schedazzle!) or my Rails-driven build of this website.

Hopefully, that will change in the coming weeks with business settling down for the holidays. Christmas is always a great time to find a few weeks of productivity to work on my own projects.